In addition to the art I make, I have been deeply invested in long-term projects that I hope to see to fruition in my lifetime. Here I'll have some brief description on what I plan to work on, and links to more information for the various projects if available.


One of my biggest goals in life is to make a series of comics. Right now I currently have three primary comic series that are my main focus, but I could end up doing short stories and other side comic projects at a later date. For now, this is what I have. (it is worth noting that some of my literature might be related to one of these three comics, as supplemental material to the core story.)

Acta Nexus

Acta Nexus is the working title of a setting where in three comics will take place. These comics take place within the same universe but at different points in time. The title itself refers to the concept of connection of acts, a binding of events, as the core theme of these stories relate to the choices made in the past and how those choices radiate to events even hundreds or thousands of years down the line. While the thread of the ripple effect of choices is present in each comic, each comic has different intents, elements, and themes all their own.

The setting itself is an alternate reality universe based on our own. There is an earth but it does not have the same continents or history of our own earth which lends to very different elements in how the stories progress. The Timeline between each comic can be about a thousand years apart, give or take. Stories take place both on 'alt earth', along a lot of interstellar settings on scattered planets. The genre for the entire setting leans Science Fiction/Science Fantasy/Future Fiction with a lot of western super hero comic elements.

Ibrida: A story that follows the life and events surrounding Talon, in the midst of a growing conflict between Ertakar and Humans on the Ertakar home planet, due to choices made from a war between them over 100 years ago. While this is the first story for the project I intend to write, it is chronologically the middle story of the trilogy.

Pretorians: This story follows the activities of Munin and other Pretorians as they find identity for themselves in the midst of a civil war. The second comic project after Ibrida, and chronologically the oldest story of the trilogy.

Starship Lollipop: A story that follows the events and activities of the 'Starship Lollipop' and its crew. A mix of spacer slice-of-life and brewing conflicts that ramp as the story progresses. This comic will take place the farthest in the future of the trilogy.


Unlike the three comics listed above, Windswept is intended to be a sort of pocket story that is unrelated to the connected stories of the others. It is an adventure comic that will be made in the format of an interactive 'quest' comic, where viewers can provide input for the actions and events that take place. The story itself will follow the misadventures of traveling inscetoids trying to find their way home that become unlikely friends.


More of a minor side project, a thing I'm investing in for fun to hearken back to my early days on the Internet, where I 'adopted' dragons and other creatures and made little websites for them. I wanted to do this when I was a kid and now I have the resources to do so.