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While I am primarily an illustrator, I do dabble in written fiction from time to time. This will keep a collection of my original fiction, featuring my characters and settings. Many of these works of fictions are side stories and Vignettes related to my personal projects.


Pay It Forward: 4193 Words | Characters: Daga | Setting:Starship Lollipop

Summary: I had been thinking about the very specific way Daga operates and I've had this sort of scenario in my head for a while and decided to put it to words.

In Memory Of: 1367 Words | Characters: Talon, Petrru | Setting: after Ibrida

Summary: A short vignette with a concept I had of an exchange that takes place between Talon and Petrru. This is set in a time that takes place after my intended comic's story and isn't anything spoilery or related to the comic's story explicitly. Talk of war, death, and the consequences there-of.