Portfolio and site of interest of Aubery "Armaina" Myers, Illustrator specializing in Character Art, Pixel Art.

Visual works can be found in Illustrations and Pixel Art sections. The Fiction section is set for original fiction relating to personal characters to one-shots. Projects related to personal projects of varying sorts ranging from Comics to Short Stories to Adoptables. You can find details on how to commission me for illustrative works in the Commissions section.

If you would like to know my details and find my contact that would be in the About section. The Resources section is a list of links to tools, softwares, and all assorted resources I've personally found useful in my work that others may benefit from. Colleagues maintains a list of artists and other associates. And the Archive links to a secondary site with a complete archive of all my illustrative work dating back to 1997.

I do my best to keep the site itself up-to-date with all pertinent information about my work but I do have many social media accounts that I also update that can all be found both in my About or the bottom of this page.

Commission Status:

Pixel Art: Closed
Digital Art: Closed

Recent Works: