This isn't an accurate visual representation of the artist. Name: Aubrey "Armaina" Myers | DOB: Feb 7th 1985 | Pronouns: She/Her

I am a self-taught artist currently residing in Arizona and I'm the creator of all you find here. I draw the illustrations, write the fiction, script the website, and manage the server it's hosted on. My main subjects of interest are SciFi and any form of Future Fiction, along with a deep passion for story telling and world building. Most of what you find here is created for my own projects. Outside of my creative endeavors I enjoy games, either of the Video, Board, Card, and Tabletop variety, and have a deep love of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Anthropology.

Feel free to contact me if you're ever interested, I am an extremely social extrovert and my contacts are easy to find because I genuinely enjoy having others reach out to me. Just state where you found/came from for context. (this makes for a good starting point of conversation, just FYI).

Bonus info: Been using the name Armaina (pronounced "Are-May-Nah") online since 1997. Where the name came from- It's a misspelling/mispronunciation of the name Aramina, from the first short story of the 'The Girl Who Heard Dragons' by Anne McCaffrey.


If you like what I make and want to support me, I do have a few avenues set up:
Patreon | Ko-fi | PayPal Donation


I have a significant presence on several websites and social media platforms, notable ones are here.

Social Media

Of the services here, Dreamwidth is my favorite, I only use Twitter and Tumblr for art updates.
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Primary Galleries:
Art Station | Deviantart

They Exist But I Rarely Update Them:
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World Building:
Personal Wiki | Toyhouse | World Anvil


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Discord Server: XbJXHEH

No business will be conducted through Discord, please use Email for commission inquiries.