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Too Long

17 June 2015, 1:06 am

A lot has been going on in the last few years
Mental collapses, loss of friends and stability
but also some new friends and an SO that is no longer states apart

I'm slowly trying to pick up the pieces in my life, slowly trying to get on track with the personal projects I've wanted so badly to do for well over a decade. I'd like to fix up this site as well.

For the moment however, my active locations are: or


19 March 2011, 1:17 pm

This has sadly been neglected, and I need to fix that. Tumblr has been my new fun haunt as of late, and it is currently being used for daily arts. If you want to see a new art of some sort from me each day, check that out. I still hang around the other locations though.

In other news, my desktop has died and I'm now using my mother's old desktop. This means I no longer have access to my old files. They're not gone, I just can't access the hard drives on my mother's desktop. So, pre-occupying my time with making new art and a lot of sketches. Also, I am working on re-doing the gallery with a fancy new structure. I have the system for it, I'm just working on the CSS.
This is a preview of how it will work, aside from some minor tweaks. I just need to figure out how to make the layout work. I am a CSS novice, HURRAY. At this point I'm almost tempted to find some CSS someone else made and just modify it.

Whatever man. It's snivy time.

Slowly moving

18 July 2010, 7:06 am

Been a while since my last update. Not much going on really, however I have updated my Collection Site with new scans of pokemon cards for Mew/Mewtwo and Shuckle.

And on to more interesting news, it appears that I may be coloring comic pages soon enough. I've been going through some comic books to get ideas for colors. Hope to get the ink work from our penciler/inker soon enough. Maaaybe preview images here? I'll have to find out if that would work or not.

PS: Pixel Art!

Beautiful Beads

12 June 2010, 5:26 pm

So, now along with the site changes, I now have created an Etsy account

Marvel at my bracelet making magic.. or don't. Really that's your choice. I'll be working on using all of my current beading materials and selling them off in the form of bracelets. I may also make necklaces but not sure at this time. Still trying to figure out the look of the site, maybe I can do something amazing this time. Hurray for being a CSS novice.

Also been making a lot of headway on the comic script, smoothed out some things and added a lot more. I still have some dialog that feels a bit forced to me, though I should hope to smooth that out in time. Never underestimate the importance of a script!


10 June 2010, 5:46 am

My word, what is this! A change!

So I had been trying to consider what direction I should take my primary site in. The times have changed and what I present on my site has chnaged a great deal. It's been a mesh of gallery, hobbiee whatevers that has honestly been a bit confusing to me and likely others. Basicly, the site itself is a hobby site, one I use to store sections related to my interests, such as my collections. I have a lot of breakoff sites related to other interests that really do need to be looked at as their own stand  alone sites. So, this place will be my hub.

I shall intend to keep updates related to my personal 'network' here. Such as word on new art, comic progress, and general site content additions. Hopefully in this way, things will come together more.


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